1. What is TutorMe?

-A 24/7 tutoring option available for purchase via the Learning Fund. Students communicate with a tutor using voice, video, chat or any combination of these options. 

  1. How much is TutorMe?

- $95/year for 10 hours of tutoring per month

-$225/year for unlimited hours of tutoring per month

  1. How do my students access TutorMe?

-Students will access via Clever

  1. How do the sessions work?

-Students should attend sessions with a lesson or topic in hand. 

  1. Can my students share their screen for curriculum help?

-Yes, students can share their screen easily within the TutorMe platform.

  1. Can I view student participation and completed sessions? 

-The admin panel is currently being adapted to fit Epic’s model. Reporting can be shared with the teacher but access to the dashboard is limited. Students can download, save, and share any completed sessions with the teacher.

  1. What is the Writing Lab?

-TutorMe offers a Writing Lab where students can submit essays for review. Students then receive feedback with edit suggestions. Turn around time is usually within a few hours to a day. 

  1. Who are the tutors?

-Tutors are independent contractors hired by TutorMe. They go through a rigorous onboarding process as well as continuous quality checks. Nearly all tutors speak English as their first language. Most tutors have advanced degrees. Students can check out the profiles of tutors they’ve been matched with before beginning or accepting a session. 

  1. What subjects work with TutorMe?

-TutorMe offers over 300 subjects. All elementary, middle and high school subjects are available as well as AP and concurrent classes. 

  1. Can I see a video of what a tutoring session looks like? 

-Yes, check out the TutorMe Epic U course.