EPIC Assets

EPIC Charter Schools is proud to offer every student the educational technology they need to be successful. It is with this mindset that we allow each student the opportunity to use their Learning Fund to purchase a Laptop, Wireless Mifi, and a variety of educational assets. While the assets belong to EPIC Charter Schools, they are lent out to the students each year and must be returned when the student graduates, withdraws, or any other reason the student’s status does not reflect “enrolled” with EPIC Charter Schools.

Policies and Procedures

The Assets department has implemented the following policies and procedures for all Epic families:

  • Wireless Hotspot (Mifi)
    • Mifi devices are at a 3:1 ratio meaning that for every 3 students enrolled on the learning fund 1 device is allowed.
    • A family may request a secondary Mifi due to varying circumstances. These circumstances are reviewed and subject to the sole discretion of the Asset and Learning Fund department.
    • Mifi connectivity issues may occur. When this happens, EPIC will review if the Mifi provider is suitable for the student’s location. Secondary options are available if needed.
  • Chromebooks and iPads
    • Students may use their Learning Fund to receive a laptop or iPad. Students may not get both. iPads are on a limited supply and are not guaranteed to be available.

Technical Issues

Device Support: https://epiccharterschools.org/technical-support

The phone number for our technical support provider, Beasley Technology, has changed. Should you need to call, the number is 405-652-0935.

Asset Returns

Return requests can be made in three different ways by a parent or teacher. It can be requested by phone, through the EPIC website, or the assets email.

  • By Phone: Please call #405-749-4550 X 245.
  • By Email: Assets@epiccharterschools.org
  • Website: epiccharterschools.org/returning-materials-to-epic

Technology Replacement

Technology will get broken, stolen, or lost throughout the year and replacement requests can be made by phone or email. Depending on the situation the steps will vary to get the replacement process started. To file a claim, please contact the Assets department by phone or email.

  • By Phone: Please call #405-749-4550 X 245.
  • By Email: Assets@epiccharterschools.org

First-time login information is the user's first initial, second initial, and EPICc ID (i.e. AB1234).

Laptop Care:

It may go without saying, but the lifespan of a laptop can be extended if the proper care is taken. Likewise, when the hardware is mistreated, a variety of problems arise and the lifespan of the device is shortened.

Here is a shortlist of the best and easiest ways to make sure your laptop stays in working order.

  1. Keep a record of the serial number, make and model of the laptop in case it is stolen or lost so you can report it immediately. You are required to report a stolen laptop to the police.
  2. Do not use a laptop on a bed, carpet, or couch. This can cause the fans on the underside the laptop to not work and the laptop to overheat. Overheating can cause the laptop to restart repeatedly and can lead to hard drive and circuit damage.
  3. Place the laptop on a clean, flat surface. A well-ventilated area helps the fans to work properly and extends the life of the laptop.
  4. Keep food and drink away from the laptop. Spills and crumbs in the keyboard can cause malfunctions in the circuitry.
  5. Books and other heavy objects should not be placed on a laptop or stuffed inside a laptop bag with the laptop.
  6. Carry the laptop by the base, not the screen. Carrying the laptop by the screen can cause undue stress to the hinges and can lead to scratches on the display.
  7. Do not expose the laptop to extreme temperatures like using it outside or leaving it in a car.
  8. Be careful not to shut the screen with objects like pens, pencils or notebooks still on the keyboard.
  9. Keep cord away from rolling chairs.
  10. Call (405)-652-0935. or submit a technology support ticket to Beasley Technology if the computer needs repair and backup your files before sending the computer out. Please do not try to repair the computer on your own.