Submitting Payroll for a student with completed curriculum

Pre-K - 8th Core Changes

In the past, the GSM has always deleted and rebuilt a student's schedule when a new core purchase was approved. This is what causes the gradebook to reset back to week 1 and grades to be re-submitted. Ewwww! So, we came up with a workaround. After the new core purchase has been approved by the Learning Fund, please check the Pending Courses screen in EpiCenter to verify the status is "Needs Counselor Review" or "Needs Curriculum Setup". Only submit a ticket to the GSM if the Pending Courses status is "Schedule Activated" and the student does not have access to their new curriculum, or there has been a grade reclassification. The GSM for PreK-8th grade is no longer deleting a student's schedule if the courses are the same, in most cases. However, in a few cases we're stuck with this scenario for this year. the GSM will let you know if you have a student whose gradebook history must be deleted. For the majority of courses where the GSMs don't have to delete, once the new curriculum has been loaded by the SSM Team, you will not see any changes to the student's schedule in the Gradebook. When you enter weekly grades please select the core the student worked in. 

Student exempt from Epic Essentials but still in RTI

Please submit a ticket for any students on your roster who meet this criteria. If they are exempt from Epic Essentials because of proficient and above benchmark scores they are also exempt from RTI and we need to fix that for you.

Please Confirm Grades

This is a known gradebook issue that pops up occasionally. If your Gradebook is stuck and repeatedly gives you the message "Please Confirm Grades", submit a ticket to EpiCenter Support to have this corrected.


Graduated Student still on roster or hasn't received a Graduation email.

The developer is working on a fix for this issue. If you have a graduated student that is still on your roster, LF, or hasn't received an email please submit a ticket to Epicenter Support. Please note that this is priority 3 issue for the Epicenter team, it's annoying but it isn't hurting anything.

ACT Prep Courses Duplicated on Grade Entry Modal

Several 9th and 10th grade students have duplicated ACT Prep Courses on the screen where teachers enter grades. We have reported this to the developers and hope it will be fixed quickly.

Addresses on the Family Facesheet not updating 

Our address verification program on the family Facesheet decided it's no longer going to cooperate and needs some developer love. We are unable to update addresses either so you'll need to hang on to those until we get that fixed. - No tickets needed!

Shy "B" Courses 

When the teacher enters the final grade for the "A" side of a course the "B" side should automatically roll into the active gradebook section but every now and then the "B" courses get a little shy and don't move up like they should. We need a ticket for these so we can coax them into the spotlight. Please request a payroll override for these kids. 

Withdrawal Woes

The withdrawal modal is saying the student cannot be withdrawn until 1/21/21, which was yesterday (as I write this). There is no need to submit a ticket or send an email; this is a bug and the developers are fixing it now.

Gradebook stuck on a certain week

Students who have only semester 2 courses loaded have gradebooks that are stuck on the week in which they toggled to all semester 2 courses. We have alerted the developers that we need a code change to address this issue. This issue is half resolved. The developers are working on this today.

Gradebook entries are slow

Gradebook entries have been slow. The developers have done a lot of work to give us more speed and we have more solutions coming. 

Gradebook modal is defaulting to the Foreign Language Middlebury Curriculum as the core

This only applies to high school students who are enrolled in foreign language classes utilizing the Middlebury curriculum and it is now fixed.

Apostrophes on Roster Screen

The odd apostrophes in the student name fields of the roster screen when multiple navigation/activities occur has been fixed. 

Email Manager Issue

Some students/parents were not receiving emails from the email manager within Epicenter. This has been fixed.

RTI records created for some on grade level students

The various benchmark imports created some odd RTI records. 

We are aware and have asked the developers to turn the RTI system off until we are ready to roll out the new and enhanced RTI system next week.

Duplicated Courses on Gradebook

These happen sporadically and we can have the developers run a routine to fix them but we need teachers to enter a ticket so we can confirm the fix. Before submitting your ticket, please make sure you have submitted grades for only one of each of the duplicated courses. This may require you to reset your gradebook. Thanks! - Resolved

Incorrect Epic Essentials exemptions

When a student takes multiple tests the first import was ruling all Epic Essentials activity. We've asked the developers for changes to this. Also, 8th grade math students who took the MasteryConnect test early are likely not triggering properly. To our knowledge, these have all be corrected.