Greetings Epic!

Here is your System Support update for September 22nd, 2020:

  • A critical item: We have received widespread reports of missing enrollments, and some students cannot log in. We are investigating this incident.

  • EE Freckle ELA and Math students are now better-represented in sections in Renaissance. We worked with our developers and fixed this on Saturday 9/19. EE Freckle students should now be able to access these.
  • We're still working out email details with Aceable Driving.
  • Reading Plus will include all 9th, 10th, and 11th graders. We are waiting for our developers to create those sections in Clever. Once that's done, students will receive access to Reading Plus that same night.
  • NWEA MAP reported that our rostering is done. However, it looks like there is still an issue getting our student data updated so we're working on this.
  • Typing Agent has our quote! We're waiting for them to apply licenses and finish up Clever.
  • Calvert - slow news > no news. We met with our executive account manager at Edmentum along with some Calvert representatives. They have assured that things will be handled more quickly now, and our students will be loaded as soon as possible. We see sections now, which is significant. The goat is being roped, albeit in slow motion.
  • We expect Reading Eggs to be finished up and ready on Thursday or Friday this week. We meet with Edmentum's tech folks on Wednesday.


James Megna
Managing Director of System Support