TeleComp is Epic's provider for our technical hardware needs. It is formerly known as Beasley.

Their services include:

  • Tune-up
  • Printer setup
  • Phone issues
  • Password resets for Google
  • Hotspot issues
  • Conferencing spaces
  • Initial tech setup
  • Filtering questions / issues
  • Disabling / enabling devices
  • Shipment status / requests / issues
  • Retrieval / replacement issues

To file a ticket for one of these items, simply email or call 405-652-0935 

Please be aware of these items that TeleComp does not handle.
  • Enrollment and re-enrollment issues go to Epic's Admissions and Enrollment team.
  • Lost devices should be reported to Learning Fund Assets.
  • Learning fund charges, questions, and order changes should be directed to the Learning Fund.
  • Curriculum and login issues go to Epic's Instructional Coaches and System Support.
  • Address updates in EpiCenter go to EpiCenter Support. 
  • Parent Portal Resets go to EpiCenter Support.
  • Bamboo logins / resets / updates are facilitated by Human Resources.

When TeleComp receives requests about those items, they will be unable to assist.