What is Epic Essentials? 

See the Epic Essentials course within Epic University for detailed program information. 


Why do we have to use the Epicenter Student Facesheet for Epic Essentials?

 In order to provide families a choice between two programs per subject we had to create a process by which it was clear which program should be reported on. The learning fund was insufficient for reporting purposes because there are always students who want both programs and it would not have been clear which the data team should use for reporting. 

What are the triggers for Epic Essentials?

Follow this link for a detailed grade level breakdown of benchmark triggers for Epic Essentials: Fall 2020 Benchmark Triggers

Can my student change their minds about the program they use for Epic Essentials? 

Yes, once from the preferred program to the alternate program. They cannot continue to toggle between programs because it will negatively affect the adaptive program's ability to improve student growth. Additionally, changes disrupt the data integrity. 

My Pre-K student is not in Epic Essentials:

Pre-K is not a grade that participates in Epic Essentials and the Epic Essentials section of their facesheet should look like this:

What if my student is not in Mindplay?


What if my student can't log into Dreambox?

Follow the decision tree above because it's the same with the exception of needing to grade the MasteryConnect test because math does not require teacher grading efforts.

What if my student can't log into Freckle ELA or Freckle Math?

Freckle ELA and Freckle Math are the alternate choices and they must be selected on the student's facesheet before the student will be added to the program. If they have finished their benchmark and you've selected Freckle give it 48 hours, after that submit a ticket to the SSM department.